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EVU Center

Urologists located in Mesa, AZ

45 total reviews

EVU Center always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 45 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about EVU Center below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Lucy M.
Submitted 05/13/19
I had a recent visit with the nutritionist, Meghan Doherty. She assisted me with evaluating my nutritional needs to reduce my oxalates in the prevention of new kidney stones. I didn't feel rushed during this visit.
Lucy M.
Submitted 05/13/19
Dr. Mehan took the time to explain my lab results and identified the reason(s) for developing kidney stones. He and his staff are always caring and demonstrate concern over my needs. He takes the time to answer my questions.
Al P.
Submitted 05/11/19
I waited too long to see a Doctor because ,I thought it would just go away . I was also embarrassed . When I made up my mind to go . I was lucky enough to see Dr Mehan when I was in intensive care .He was awesome and so was his staff . Its the only Urology Center I will go to . They are great, so dont wait
DuWayne N.
Submitted 04/13/19
I went to Dr Mehan when I had an elevated PSA. Chris recommended a biopsy, which tested positive for Cancer. It was determined to be a highly aggressive cancer (9 on the Gleason scale), so we had to make a decision. I decided to have radical prostatectomy. It was a long, difficult procedure. Dr Mehan was wonderful and very meticulous and felt positive about the surgery. I will follow up with radiation to kill the remaining cancer cells. I have a lot of faith in both Chris & Dr Mehan. They are both considerate and compassionate. My wife & I are so happy that we were referred to this office. They are the greatest!!
Mark B.
Submitted 04/05/19
Dr. Mehan is the best urologist I have ever been to and treated by. He knows what he is doing, very professional and truly cares and gives you time to go over what is bothering you and looks at you when you are talking to him. He does not try and rush you and just look at a laptop screen while in the room with you like so many Doctors do today. I highly recommend this Doctor Mehan to anyone who needs the best UROLOGIST IN THE BUSINESS THAT CARES. Thank you Dr Mehan.
Darrell R.
Submitted 03/15/19
The procedure went very well with DR. Rahul Mehan, MD. I Haven't urinated this well since I was 20 years old. I would recommend the REZUM procedure to any person with prostate problems.
Mary D.
Submitted 03/05/19
Alex and Megan provides outstanding service and care for their patients. From weight management to cool sculpting you’re in excellent hands. The entire team is amazing to work with m...a wellness office that does care about your overall health. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
Walter F.
Submitted 11/27/18
I was resigned to a catheter until I met with s dr. wadhawa and he suggested green light therapy which has corrected my urinary problem. very pleased that I got that second opinion and had the procedure done very happy to get back to a normal life. thanks east valley urologic for first rate care.
Fred H.
Submitted 11/17/18
I had been seeing a urologist for my slightly elevated PSA and had been to him a couple of times to do blood work and exams.While traveling overseas I experienced(out of the blue) urinary retention and had to spend a couple of days in the hospital and have a catheter inserted for the rest of the trip. On my return home I went to see my urologist and after a procedure in his office I ended up in the hospital again. I expected my urologist to come see me in the hospital but after a day and one half he still had not called or shown up to check up on my condition. I asked the doctor on rounds at the hospital if they had a urologist they could refer me to and about three hours later Dr. Mehan came into my room and we talked for about 45 minutes and he laid out what he felt would be my best option moving forward. Needless to say I was feeling pretty angry and helpless when he walked into that room but when he walked out I felt alive again for the first time in a month. We agreed that he would be my new doctor and 5 days later I was having laser surgery to reduce my enlarged prostate. I cannot begin to say enough about Dr. Mehan and what he did for me. I have had many doctors over the years but I have to say that Dr. Mehan 's professionalism and his genuine concern for me goes way beyond any other doctor that I've ever had. I would recommend him and his team for anyone at anytime. Thank you Dr. Mehan!!!
William M.
Submitted 09/13/18
I had a prostate biopsy and was surprised when I learned that a PA did that proceedure. But Chris's Bio showed him to be more than qualified and that is certainly true. He did an excellent job and there was very little pain or bleeding. I am very glad my GP sent me to East Valley Urology. Could not be happier with Chris or the outcome. Chris spends plenty of time answering any questions you have. Very caring and extremely good.
Jacqueline C.
Submitted 08/28/18
Dr.Mehan has made my life much more pleasant. His expertise has transformed my daily routine from having to plan around bathroom access to enjoying more freedom. Thank you again.
Verna H.
Submitted 08/14/18
My husband, Darrel, was admitted to Banner Baywood with a kidney stone which caused an infection in his kidney that had gone to his blood. He was very ill. I did not think about who his doctor would be, I just wanted him treated. Baywood brought in Dr. Mehan. Darrel could not have anything done until his condition stabilized so it was a week before the kidney stone was removed. There had been a tube inserted into the kidney to drain it and when Dr. Mehan removed the tube, he did not like the looks at the bottom of the tube. He opened up the incision and found a huge infection. He cleaned out the infection, which left a large crater in Darrel's back. It was disgusting. A large dressing was on it and a wound vac was on it to bring out the "bad stuff"! I watched the nurse change the dressing every other day and a week later we both noticed the skin around the wound was dark purple. Dr. Mehan had to operate again to debride the wound. When we found me after the surgery, he said he did not think he would have to go back again and I asked him if promised and he said as much as he could. My husband was so sick and I was not sure he would ever get better. He was in rehab for a month and half learning to walk again. He has been home for over a month and is doing well. We saw Chris several days ago and he was so pleased with how Darrel is doing. Dr. Mehan came in and Darrel was very glad to see him. I showed him the wound on Darrel's back and Dr. Mehan, said "that's my work!" The wound is now closed and does not look bad! We have moved both of our urology care to Dr. Mehan and Chris. We would not trust anyone else after all of this! Dr. Mehan asked Darrel if he knew how close he had been to death and put he fingers together with a tiny space between them and said "this close". We thank God every day for Dr. Mehan and his work. And now we include everyone in the office with this. Great group of people!
Jeff T.
Submitted 08/03/18
PRO HIFU My name is Jeff Totman and I was born Oct. 1952 (Currently 65 year old) My first visit to Dr. Mehan (Urologist) was December 2008 (Approx. PSA 4.0) • Biopsy: Feb 2009 • Follow up visit Dr. Mehan: Feb 2009 (Confirmed Cancer) • Options were to remove prostate or radiation o Started Radiation: Feb 2010 o Completed Radiation: May 2010 Post radiation, I was 8 years free of prostate cancer. In May 2018, the cancer returned and my PSA was up. (Approx. 9.0). I returned to Dr. Mehan on May 2018 to discuss options o Cryo – freezing the cancer o HIFU – using high frequency to remove the cancer (experimental but, I was told that is has been used in Europe for sometime with great results) o Do nothing I opted for the HIFU procedure which was performed in June 2018. (A catheter was used during the healing process.) The catheter was not in the penis. A small incision was made below the belly button with a tube to catheter for the void. There was no pain while the catheter was in. A follow up visit was in June 2018 to make sure there was no infection. The catheter was removed after two weeks. There was no pain from the removal of the catheter. The next follow-up to Dr Mehan was in early August to check the PSA level. The results reported <0.1. The next follow-up is scheduled in 4 months. I can attest that the HYFU procedure was absolutely pain free and with no side affects and I would highly recommend this procedure to family, friends and anyone looking for a better option.
Jeff T.
Submitted 07/03/18
After my PSA reading was higher than normal, I was referred to Dr. Mehan's office to have a biopsy done to confirm if it was prostate cancer. It came back positive. From there Chris Morris, PA explained my options and left the decision up to me for the next step. I choose to have radiation and from there ended up being referred by Chris Morris to Dr. Ambrad for my radiation treatments. The radiation went well and I was cancer free for 7 years. Then my PSA moved 2 points higher than my lowest PSA reading after radiation. This meant that further tests needed to be done to confirm if the cancer was coming back. It was, and then Dr. Mehan and Chris Morris told me about a new procedure called HIFU. After receiving brochures and information from their website, I choose to have this procedure. It has been 2 weeks for me, but Dr. Mehan and Chris Morris have been very helpful. They have continually kept me informed. The procedure was very successful. The decisions have all been mine and there was never pressure to do anything other than my decision. I would highly recommend them.
Sharon W.
Submitted 05/06/18
I first met with Dr. Wadhwa three months ago. I was at wits end with numerous recurring UTI's and all that is involved with a UTI. I was taking too many antibiotics and symptoms keep recurring. We discussed all avenues of treatment which I had already tried with no success. Dr. Wadhwa actually listened to my complaints, and then offered his solution. He explained the Mona Lisa treatment and what I could expect. He made me feel comfortable with the procedure assuring me there was no down time and very little discomfort. The Mona Lisa treatment changed my life! I am very thankful to have found a doctor who listened and had a solution. I no longer experience symptoms and UTI a every 6 weeks. Dr. Wadhwa and his staff are awesome! I am very pleased with the results of the procedure.
Jared L.
Submitted 02/12/18
I met with Dr. Wadhwa. and I have to say it was one of the best experiences I have had with a doctor in a long time. From the very beginning of the visit I could tell that he truly cared about me as a person and was committed to working with me to helping me find the right course of treatment so I could start feeling better right away. He took as much time with me as we needed and answered all of my questions. I left my visit knowing that I had found a fantastic doctor and definitely someone I will continue to see for the future. I would without a doubt recommend others to Dr. Wadhwa as well.
Kiran P.
Submitted 01/30/18
Dr. Mehan is one of kindest and most assuring doctor or professional I have ever met. Highly recommended.
Robert G.
Submitted 01/30/18
Have had a great experience with this group. Took a family member in to see Chris Morris. He is very experienced, articulate and personable. He has also made himself available to us for direct communication which has streamlined follow up and rx modifications. I highly recommend Chris Morris and the East Valley Urology Center in Mesa.
Anthony A.
Submitted 01/30/18
“East Valley Urology is unlike any place I’ve been before,From the very start the staff is very courteous that right there is very important to me,Then what makes it even better is Chris Morris who takes care of me did exactly that and more,Patients are nervous about their situations most of the time and some Dr’s and Pa are either very short with them or just don’t explain everything that you want to know.Well here at East Valley Urology that’s not how it works,I was explained my situation given options and was taken care of,I left there feeling so good that there was help and answers, So with that I advise anyone needing help in any way this is the place to go.” Sincerely ANTHONY AGUILAR FROM GLOBE AZ
Jennifer B.
Submitted 01/30/18
“Dr. Mehan is my 8th urologist in 18 years. I will follow him anywhere. All of my other doctors either moved or retired and I could not be happier to have met Dr. Mehan. He is, by far, the BEST. I recommend him for any urologic service a person might need.