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Got Stones?


Got Stones?!

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The incidence of kidney stones, also known as “Nephrolithiasis”, are very common in the United States and treatment can be costly. Of course, our urology team is here to help treat your stones, but prevention is just as imperative as ridding them.

If you have had them, you are aware that kidney stones are usually very painful to pass and may require surgery to remove. There are 4 types of stones, and 2 of which may be directly related to dietary/fluid intake. Adequate evaluation and management can prevent recurrence of stones. Prevention should be individualized in both its medical and dietary management, keeping in mind the specific risks involved for each type of stones. Recognition of these risk factors and development of long-term management strategies (such as a diet plan) for dealing with them are the most effective ways to prevent recurrence of kidney stones.

This is where your nutritionist is here to assess your diet/lifestyle, establish a plan of action and follow-up with you to prevent/treat these occurrences.
Although NOT all stones can be prevented via diet or lifestyle, oxalate and uric acid stones can be averted by knowledge of what foods are best to eat and avoid.

There is no one size fits all plan, but you could assume a nutritious diet is beneficial to EVERYONE. Although I agree with that statement, it is possible that your particular vegetable intake may be doing more harm than good.

To learn more about stone prevention, set a free consultation with our nutritionist, Meghan!

Meghan Doherty Clinical Nutritionist

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